McFarlane Will Expand Upon Spawn Mythos in ‘Gunslinger Spawn’

by Rob Caprilozzi

Todd McFarlane’s ongoing expansion of the Spawn Universe is set to take it up a notch just in time for Halloween. His new title, Gunslinger Spawn, is expected to shatter even more comic book records, like the recent King Spawn #1, which sold over a half-million copies.

The new comic title features Gunslinger Spawn, a man out of time who is unwillingly thrust 200 years in the future to the 21st century. Not only does he have to navigate a new world, but he’ll have to deal with the demons of his past. No one is safe from his vengeance as he heads into battle with guns blazing as he tries to find his way back home.

McFarlane himself will take the lead on writing the regular ongoing story and he and Ales Kot tackle the back-up tales. Brett Booth will be the featured artist on this book, with additional art by Philip Tan, Kevin Keane, and Thomas Nachlik, with colors by FCO, Andrew Dalhouse and others.

“Gunslinger Spawn returns with a vengeance, and he will make Spawn look like a Boy Scout,” said McFarlane, Spawn creator and President at Image Comics. “Finally, fans will get a glimpse into his history as we dig deeper into his past and explore his future.”

Gunslinger Spawn #1 will be available on October 20. Keep it locked to Horror News Network for the latest on Spawn.

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