Matthew Lillard Set To ‘Scream’ Back With New Vampire Film

by Thomas Tuna

Scream original is getting back in the horror game.

Matthew Lillard–a key figure in the Scream film franchise–has started a new company that’s focused on making horror and fantasy films, according to a report on Deadline, and the film’s first venture will be a high-concept vampire movie.

Lillard is ramping up the company–Midnite Movie Club–with writer/director Bill Whirity, and they are currently working on a film called Let Them Die. It’s unclear at this time if Lillard will appear in the film–and no details on the storyline are known–but production is expected to start this summer.

Midnite Movie Club is taking a unique approach to filmmaking, giving fans some say in what type of films are made. The company has dubbed itself the first-ever Decentralized Movie Studio.

By participating in this new studio, fans will be able to vote on which films are greenlit, as well as which actors are approached for roles and which costumes and props are to be used.

With this new project just in the planning stages, keep reading Horror News Network for further updates on Let Them Die and Midnite Movie Club.


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