MarVista Entertainment’s ‘Deadly Revenge’ Gets June 24th DVD Release Date

by CTbrthrhd


Donna Mills, Mark Hapka, Alicia Ziegler, Constance Wu, Patrick Muldoon


Cate is in Los Angeles for work, helping with a big project at an architectural firm. Lucky for her, she gets to work with Harrison for the duration of the project – handsome, funny, sweet, loves his mother. There’s immediate chemistry, and things quickly turn from business to pleasure. As they start getting serious, Cate spends more time with Harrison’s mother Evelyn. Evelyn and Harrison are close… very close. Ever since Harrison’s high school sweetheart Katie mysteriously disappeared, Evelyn has been the only woman in Harrison’s life. Until Cate, that is. But things are starting to change. When Harrison proposes, Evelyn announces she has cancer, grinding things to a halt. Cate is also starting to feel sick – she’s weak, dizzy, off balance. And she’s getting a little paranoid as she learns more about Katie’s disappearance. Then she starts to suspect that Harrison is involved. Will she be able to expose him before it’s too late, or is she just getting carried away? Cate soon finds out that she only knows part of the truth, and that Harrison’s past is going to catch up with her… and try to bury her.




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