Marvel’s ‘Predator’ Comic Book Plans Put on Indefinite Hold

by Mark McCurley

In an unfortunate turn of events for fans of the Predator franchise, Gamesradar reported Marvel has canceled over 30 planned products and put their plans for the series’ comic book venture on hold for the foreseeable future.

Starting with the acquisition of 20th Century Fox and all of its intellectual properties, Marvel made several announcements alluding fans to believe there were many big projects in the pipeline for Predator as a comic series.

These were part of the licensing agreement Marvel and Disney made with 20th Century Fox that went along with a new comic series based on the Alien films.

Now those plans are on the back burner, which had included a continuous series, an Omnibus collection and several crossover event issues that would have pit the Predator against Marvel superheroes.

The unexpected announcement gave no indication as to why the projects are on hold. However, Marvel did tell retailers there are plans in place to reschedule the Predator products for release in the fall but nothing is set it stone yet.

Be sure to check back soon with announcements on the Marvel Predator comic book series.

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