‘Marvel Zombies’ Set For Four Episodes, Rated TV-MA

by Jayson Drury

What do you get when you animate the undead?

Marvel Zombies--the animated spinoff series of Marvel’s popular What If…?–is getting its ducks in a row for its scheduled 2024 debut on Disney+, according to a report on comicbook.com.

Little is known about the series at this early date, but executive producer Zeb Welles did say it will run for just four episodes–making it Marvel’s shortest MCU series to date. “I’m not sure when it comes out yet, but it’s looking really good,” he said. The series also has earned a distinctive TV-MA rating.

The show, as explained, will expand on the popular episode of What If…? called (appropriately enough) What If…Zombies?, directed by Bryan Andrews, that shows a post-apocalyptic Marvel Universe with many heroes transformed into flesh-eating zombies, infected by the quantum virus.

MCU live-action stars Mark Ruffalo and Paul Rudd voiced some of the characters in that original episode, and several of the animated characters lined up for the new series are Yelena Belva, Kate Bishop, Agent Jimmy Woo, the Red Guardian, Death Dealer, Shang-Chi and Kamala Khan.

With several question marks hovering over the series, keep reading Horror News Network for the latest on Marvel Zombies on Disney+.


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