Marvel Studios Announces New ‘Blade’ Film and New Star Mahershala Ali at SDCC 2019

by Nick Banks

Marvel Studios pulled out all of the stops at the annual San Diego Comic Con, announcing over 10 new films and four new television series, but for horror fans, they saved the best for last.

After all of the official presentations, the President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige was joined on stage by actor Mahershala Ali, who promptly donned an official Blade baseball cap, as Feige announced the new Marvel Studios feature film Blade.


No date or details have been announced for the new Blade film, and judging by the long list of properties that have already received release dates, don’t expect to see a Blade film until sometime in 2022.  Ali is a two time Oscar winner (for Best Supporting Actor in Moonlight and Green Book) and he is also no stranger to Marvel.  Ali recently voiced The Prowler in the Academy Award winning animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and he also received rave reviews for his portrayal of Cornell “Cotton Mouth” Stokes in season one of Netflix’s Luke Cage.

The original Blade was released in 1998 and stared Wesley Snipes.  Blade was the first successful Marvel Comics characters to be adapted to the silver screen, two years before the very first X-Men film was released.  Blade spawned two sequels (Blade II and Blade III: Trinity) the last of which was released in 2004.  A television series followed in 2006 (starring Sticky Fingaz, one of the rappers from the group Onyx) on Spike TV, but only lasted for one year.

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