Marilyn Manson Records ‘The Lost Boys’ Soundtrack Staple ‘Cry Little Sister’

by Nick Banks

When The Lost Boys was released in late July of 1987, it brought slews of teenagers to the theaters.  When those teenagers left the theater, they headed straight for their local record store and purchased the hit soundtrack to the film to continue the experience.  One of those teens must have been a young Brian Warner, because the man now known as Marilyn Manson has just recorded a version of The Lost Boys soundtrack staple, “Cry Little Sister”, for your listening pleasure.

The Lost Boys soundtrack consisted of a number of cover songs by popular artists of the day such as INXS and Echo and the Bunnymen and front men like Roger Daltrey and Lou Graham who were estranged from their original bands at the time, as well as a few original tracks from artists that we haven’t heard from since.  Ironically, one of those artists by the name of Gerard McMahon recorded the song that is most associated with the film entitled “Cry Little Sister”.

Manson has been performing the song live recently, and it seems like fellow Lost Boy fans were equally impressed, so he decided to record a studio version of the cover song.

You can check out the song below and if your’re lucky, you may be able to see Mr. Manson perform the song on this summer’s Twins of Evil Tour with Rob Zombie, which starts on July 11 in Detroit and wraps up on August 29 in Irvine, CA.

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