Manifestations becomes Top Cow’s first digital graphic novel

by Rob Caprilozzi

Top Cow's first digital graphic novel, by EPIC KILL creator As announced at San Diego Comic Con, Image Comics and Top Cow Productions will release their first-ever exclusively-digital graphic novel, MANIFESTATIONS this August through comiXology. **MANIFESTATIONS**, created, written and drawn by critically acclaimed author Raffaele Ienco (DEVOID OF LIFE, EPIC KILL), is a self-contained full color supernatural thriller. Alice Rackham is a quiet shy girl of ten who, within her tiny frame, holds a powerful secret… if she concentrates hard enough she can reach into "the dark place" and return the spirits she finds there back to the land of the living. Sometimes, it's a recently passed loved one or pet she finds… but other times it's something horrible… something that doesn't belong among the living. Something that wants to take Alice and her mother to the darkness of the grave… forever! 

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Manifestations comic

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