Manifest Destiny #14 Review

by Anna Rose Greenberg

By Anna Greenberg


Manifest Destiny #14

Writer: Chris Dingess

Artist: Matthew Roberts

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: April 22, 2015

Rating: 10 out of 10



One of the crew goes missing as the men make first contact with an unbelievable new civilization…


Our Thoughts:

If you’ve ever wanted to see what would happen if the love child of Cookie Monster and Big Bird developed a taste for human flesh, this is the book for you! Manifest Destiny continues to be an adventure as Lewis and Clark head deeper into the unknown.

The characters feel like real people – They make their own problems worse, don’t get along, and are incredibly endearing, even as they’re torn to pieces by horrific monsters. They don’t fall neatly into tropes. This leads into some glorious fights between the characters. 

Roberts’ art  is very clean and crisp with a wide color range, highlighting both the vast unexplored wilderness and the rancid, gaping wounds the wilderness imparts. The panels have clever layouts, playing with gutters and panel shapes to accentuate events. Facial expressions are spot on, and there’s a real attention to detail.

Also, there are some seriously messed up monsters – who doesn’t like messed up monsters?

Manifest Destiny continues to be one of my favorite books on the market. If you’re not already reading it, take a step into unknown territory and give it a chance!


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