Mangrove Slasher

Mangrove Slasher part 2 interview

Lurking in the mangroves, just beyond the swamps, at the edge of the coast, lives a shadowy figure hell bent on ruining everyone’s good time. His method..A machete. His reasons..We may never know. MANGROVE SLASHER 2 is the story of a wild, partying group of friends and the man who is determined to finish them off one by one. Shot entirely in the Sarasota area by director Sean Haitz, MANGROVE SLASHER 2 is a tour de force of absurdism, a comedy that exploits horror and B-movie clichés to maximum effect.

We caught up with filmmakers, Sean Haitz and Chris Potter, to talk about Mangrove Slasher 2.

Check out the Mangrove Slasher part 2 interview.

Mangrove Slasher
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