LUST coming from Niles, Templesmith and Menton3

It has been announced that LUST will re-team Niles and Templesmith along with Menton3. Their project is a kickstarter funded book. Here the info from the kickstarter page: LUST will be a limited-edition 9×12" two-sided 48 page hardcover book written by Steve Niles with art on one-half by menton3 and art on the other half by Ben Templesmith. The creators will explore the nature of the virtues and vices, specifically Chastity and Lust, as well as consider what it is that one may teach us about the other, then concluding this exploration by meeting at the book's middle. LUST will be the first time Niles and Templesmith are collaborating together since their first, critically-acclaimed book 30 Days of Night, which went on to define a publisher, spawn a major motion picture, and launch their careers a decade ago this year. Now with menton3 on board, LUST will be a unique fusion of art, prose, and sequential storytelling playing to the strengths of all three creators.

Check out the LUST coming from Niles, Templesmith and Menton3.

LUST horror comic
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