Lucas interview with David Murdoch

by Rob Caprilozzi

In the backwoods farmland of Rural-Nowhere USA there is screaming, sobbing, then silence. A breeze washes over a sea of grass. One group of nameless, college-aged fodder becomes the plaything of The Family. Cannibalistic sadists. Evil and cliche all at once. The day retreats. Night falls. Amid the torture and terror a killer arrives. Lucas. Massive, resolved, the nightmare of nightmares. Over the remaining hours of the night Lucas usurps The Family's reign. He overtakes their home, their routine, their confidence. He sends their twisted world in to chaos. One by one, the family bows to the finality of the judgment come against them. We caught up with creator, David Murdoch, to talk about Lucas.

Check out the Lucas interview with David Murdoch.

Lucas horror comic

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