Lou Ferrigno Plays Murderous Cannibal In ‘The Hermit’

by Thomas Tuna

Don’t make him hungry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s hungry.

Lou Ferrigno–best known for his green-skinned role in The Incredible Hulk TV series–has joined the horror ranks with the lead in The Hermit, according to a report in Variety.

In this first English-speaking feature from director Salvatore Sclafani, Ferrigno plays a “murderous, cannibalistic pig farmer who makes and sells jerky made of human flesh,” according to the logline. The film–produced by Sclafani and Gerry Pass–is expected to start filming in August in upstate New York.

Ferrigno–who admitted he was “fascinated” by Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster as a young child–said he is “really excited and honored” to work on this film. “The character I’m playing is unique,” he said, “and will give an updated twist on those monsters I grew up with.”

The basic storyline of the film follows teenagers Eric and Lisa, who are on a fishing trip when they “venture off trail, stumble across a farm and see animal heads hanging from a wall,” Pass said. “Then, in comes the hermit–the giant who runs the place.”

The hermit, Pass explained, has been a loner, protected by his mother and living in the forest. Once, when attacked, the hermit killed his attacker. “Since the family business is making jerky,” Pass said, “the mother cooked the attacker into the jerky with the pig meat.”

When his mother dies, the hermit takes up the family trade–with everyone he can catch and kill. Way to make your mom proud.

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