Longtime HNN Contributor Sarah Mathews Passes Away

by Rob Caprilozzi

We at Horror News Network suffered a devastating loss today. We are crushed to hear that our long-time friend Sarah Mathews has passed away.

Sarah has been contributing to Horror News Network (then known as Comic Monsters) for over ten years.  Her coverage of conventions and reviews on the website made her such a valuable contributor to our small team.

Knowing Sarah on a personal level was a great thing. Her kindness, thoughtfulness, and sense of humor were absolutely incredible.  Her love of all things pop culture was only over shadowed by her love of cats. She truly was a person who cared for other creatures more than she cared for herself.

I want to end this message on a personal note… The days leading up to CT HorrorFest 2015 we were told by Sarah that she could not make it due to medical reasons. I was sad to know that I wouldn’t see her that day. As the day went on and hundreds of people filled the event center I turned and headed up the hallway only to bump into Sarah. A smile came across both our faces as we hugged and Sarah said to me “I had to come, I couldn’t let you guys down.” THAT was Sarah.

Thank you for everything Sarah. We will miss you so much and your spirit will forever live on through all of us here at Horror News Network as well as CT HorrorFest.

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