London Horror Comic #6 Review

by Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Review by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray



Title: London Horror Comic #6

Writer: John-Paul Kamath

Artist: Lee Ferguson and Dean Kotz

Publisher: Self

Release Date: 2014

Score: 8/10

Sub-Genre: Anthology


Synopsis: A full and gorgeously glossy 56 pages of horror anthology goodness! Includes four self-contained stories designed for mature readers.


Our Thoughts: John-Paul Kamath is clearly not satisfied until he has traumatized us. Maybe he also works as a dentist so he can watch people squirm up close? After years of following his comics, I’m starting to think it must be a great joy in his life to figure out just what horrible thing he can throw at us to make us want to wish we could un-see things. There aren’t a whole lot of comics that I hold up to my face, look through the details, and stare in disbelief at some of the panels, but it seems that each new issue of London Horror Comic has me doing just that. And it’s not just the horrific-ness of the images, it’s that it’s shown in this beautiful, full-color, glossy, gorgeously drawn book. The art team assembled here is absolutely amazing. Ferguson and Kotz go all out on every panel and Hi-Fi Design’s coloring has this thing popping out of the page. A shout-out also needs to go to Matt Dixon for the stunning cover. London Horror Comic always has cool covers, and this is one of the best so far.


London Horror Comic is always a solid anthology and is a past award winner here at in that category. Issue 6 continues to raise the bar for this series making this a possible contender again for Best Horror Anthology.



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