London Horror Comic #5 Review

by Stephanie Shamblin Gray

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Title: London Horror Comic #5

Writer: John-Paul Kamath

Artist: Drew Moss and Dean Kotz

Publisher: Self-Published

Release Date: January 2013

Sub-Genre: Anthology

Synopsis: A vampire fumbles through the pains of internet dating. A lonely coroner explores a long-term relationship with one of her “customers”. A pair of monsters come unstuck while shopping for munchies at a convenience store. All this in an extra-sized 52-page special.

Our Thoughts: Fresh off its win for Best Anthology in our 2012 Horror Comic Awards, London Horror Comic comes out swinging and is already a proving itself a contender for the 2013 awards. The change in format to longer stories than previous issues is a change for the better. Flow is much improved and the total comic is a real page-turner. This issue includes stories of horror, comedy, and even a little romance.

Story: Kamath continues to grow and his stories keep improving. These tales are all very good and this is his best work yet. In his usual fashion, he likes to provide some insight into creating comics as an independent publisher, so be sure to stick around for his essay in the back of the book.

Art: The art goes very well with the stories. Overall, it’s very light, but definitely is not afraid to get graphic when it is needed. In fact, you may want to wash out your eyes after seeing a couple of the panels. Despite varying artists, LHC has a very distinctive style in all its issues and fans of the previous art will not be disappointed.

Overall: This is a great book for fans of anthologies and variety in their horror stories. Bonus: the stock this book is printed on adds a touch of quality that most others books don’t even try to achieve.


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