‘Loki’ Writer Michael Waldron Tapped as New Writer for Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel

by Nick Banks

While rumors of Sam Raimi’s MCU directorial debut continue to swirl around the internet fast enough to give the Eye of Agamotto double vision, it has been confirmed that Michael Waldron (the head writer of Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series Loki) has been hired as the new writer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

According to the exclusive report by The Hollywood Reporter, Waldron will replace former head writer Jade Bartlett.  The Hollywood Reporter also suggests that the level of frights may have been a factor in the shift, which also included the departure of original director Scott Derrickson (citing the industry standard “creative differences”).

Waldron’s Disney+ series Loki is “…one of the three Marvel series that make up the first wave of the company’s shows that will air on Disney’s fast-growing streaming service (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision are the other two). His moving to another Marvel project shows the company is liking what it’s seeing so far and wants to keep him under its umbrella.”  Waldron’s original claim to fame was his writing and producing duties on Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty.

Sam Raimi is reportedly still in negotiations to return to another original Stan Lee/Steve Ditko creation (you may have heard about the other one at some point, something about a radioactive spider and a science fair trip gone wrong), so stay tuned to Horror News Network for any confirmation of this exciting possibility.

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