Lionsgate Developing ‘American Psycho’, Possibly ‘Saw’ For TV

by Thomas Tuna

Lionsgate Television is looking to make a big splash on the small screen with a couple of big-screen properties–if reports this week pan out.

The studio is in the process of developing a TV series based on the 2000 cult slasher thriller American Psycho, as reported by Deadline, and is also toying with the idea of adapting the fan-favorite Saw franchise. Quite a one-two punch.

American Psycho is in development,” Lionsgate Television chairman Kevin Beggs said in a recent interview. “And we’re always exploring what we can do in television with something like the Saw franchise. So that’s a conversation.”

It doesn’t sound like a small-screen version of Saw is set in stone at this point, but just knowing that it’s being considered is an intriguing notion. As for details on the upcoming American Psycho TV series, Beggs did not reveal any specifics on people being considered for the project, but more information is doubtless coming down the pike soon.

American Psycho–a star vehicle for Christian Bale–was adapted from the 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis by writer/director Mary Harron. The film–-which also stars Jared Leto, Willem DaFoe and Reese Witherspoon–follows Patrick Bateman, a wealthy businessman who also just happens to be a psychopathic serial killer who revels in killing people who make insignificant mistakes.

The ultra-successful Saw film franchise–created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell in 2004–will welcome its ninth installment May 14 with SpiralFrom the Book of Saw, as reported here in Horror News Network. This series of blockbusters–which introduced horror fans to the iconic Jigsaw–has raked in nearly $1 billion worldwide as of 2018.

With a lot of questions still to be answered concerning these ambitious announcements, keep reading Horror News Network for all updates on Lionsgate Television’s plans for both American Psycho and Saw.

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