Lifetime’s ‘Lizze Borden’ Gets More Episodes

by Lynn Sorel

In a new Lifetime limited series, Christina Ricci is going to reprise the role of alleged ax murderer Lizze Border for a few more episodes. After the sucess of of “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles’, Lifttime decided to add more episodes in a fictionalized continuation of the Lizzie Borden story. Ricci told reporters “This is just a fictionalized version of what happens after the trial as she continues to misbehave. It’s just fun.” Director Stephen Kay reportedly said “The movie was pretty historically accurate. … this was actually an exciting evolution to turn it into a ‘what if?’ I think you could call it a horror story or historical fiction. It’s what would happen if you let this woman loose on a community.” Ricci and the cast implied that she would be killing a lot more people, with Ricci adding ‘She doesn’t always use an ax.” With the new additions, ‘The Lizzie Borden Chronicles’ will have a total of eight episodes.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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