Life Stumbles Out of the Gate, Get Out Continues to Add to Box Office Totals

by Nick Banks

Although Life received positive reviews and benefited from a recognizable cast, the film had trouble finding any “life” at an incredibly competitive March box office and only returned an estimated $12,600,000 during its opening weekend.

Even though Life earned a 67% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, fans chose other options at the cinema, or stayed home waiting for the next installment in the Aliens series (Alien:Covenant), from which it appears Life borrows heavily from.  Fans gave the film a very low “C+” Cinemascore rating, which is particularly low for a film that scored much better with critics (Life’s score also happens to be one of the lowest of 2017 so far).  With a production budget close to 60 million dollars, the film will have to do markedly better at the foreign box office to turn a profit, no small feat for an R-rated sci-fi/horror film.

Get Out continued to rake in the cash at your local cinema, adding $8,681,000 this weekend for a grand total of $147,500,000.   Get Out also passed Split this week to become the undisputed horror box office champ of the winter season, and the film may have the chance to maintain this honor for the rest of the year, as the film should end its domestic run at close to $165 million dollars in receipts.

Although the next month seems to be light on horror films, stayed tuned to horror news network for more information on upcoming horror contenders during the always busy summer movie season.

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