LeglessCorpse Releases BALLET OF BLOOD on Blu-ray

by Lynn Sorel

Ballet of Blood has been released on Blu-ray by LeglessCorpse. The film was written and directed by Jared Masters and stars Sydney Raye and Jessica Knopf. You can view the full press release and trailer below.


Ballet of Blood on BluRay!


The film that is possibly too European for Americans but not too beautiful for bloodshed, is now available on BluRay, thanks to Chad Armstrong at LC Films, who engineered the project for LeglessCorpse: The website for True Independent Horror. His team has manufactured this wonderful product to satisfy collectors’  demands, with breathtaking scans of the original elements, to bring you a movie viewing experience with crystal clarity, for a completely gratifying 98 minute thrill-ride of gory ballerina mayhem. Digitally remastered in stunning High Definition.

The disc has extras that aren’t included on the DVD, including the never-before-seen audition videos, where desperate young thespians bare their acting chops…. And much much more – to be an onscreen ballerina! A few very rare cassette tapes of the music from the motion picture soundtrack will also me included for some lucky buyers.

The BluRay can be purchased here for a mere 10 dollars:


Ain’t It Cool News says…. “[Ballet of Blood is] “Solid… Fun… Compelling… Extremely poetic… Complex and intriguing… delivers big ideas … I appreciated a lot.”

You can also check it out on DVD, VHS, rent or buy On Demand, or rent from your local Family Video store.
Synopsis: After years of emotional abuse and body shaming, two ballerina’s drug-fueled fantasy, of viciously attacking their ballet school, becomes reality. Meanwhile, a nerdy ballerina starts writing a novel based on the events that transpired, deeply offending some for turning such sensitive material into a book, for young audiences. Soon, her and her sister realize every word being typed is somehow altering real life. Will this strange and psychedelic paralleling fantasy carry the sisters, along with anyone else, to a merciless blood-splattered doom?

The motion picture won the Audience Choice Award at the 2015 RIP International Horror Film Festival. It was also nominated for Best Acting Ensemble and Best Editing.

The film stars Sydney Raye and Jessica Knopf, as the partners in crime. Laura Amelia as the dance teacher, Delphine, and Julia Faye West as company co-owner. The film also features Mindy Robinson as the prima ballerina, with Walter Hochbrueckner, Vera R. Taylor, Rubi Garcia, Marla Martinez, Jacqueline Marie Alberto, Dawna Lee Heising, Dallas Chandler, Krystall Schott, Georgie Borchardt, Sky Patterson, Christopher Arias, Kimberly Cohen, Robert Evans and Marylyn Brooks.

Produced by Julia Faye West, Sydney Raye, Vera R. Taylor, Walter Hochbrueckner, John Gonatos, Mikko Tervonen, Michael Anthony and Bouvier. Production design by Mystic Marlow. Art Direction by Ryan Henneman. Sound by Jean-Paul Inesta, stills by Mark Rakocy, script supervision by Jonathan Weichsel, script editing by H. Raven Rose. Written and directed by Jared Masters.

Check out the official trailer below! And please purchase the DVD. Support independent cinema.








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