Legendary “Goosebumps” author R.L. Stine to Tackle “Man-Thing” for Marvel Comics!

by Larry Dwyer

Marvel comics and legendary children’s/horror author R.L. Stine have announced that they have joined forces to launch a five-part series reviving Marvel’s “Man-Thing”. Although Marvel offered Stine a few characters to work with, it was his affinity for swamp creatures that made him decide on “Man-Thing”.

Known for his hugely popular “Goosebumps” titles, Stine told the New York Times that he first aspired to be a comic artist at a young age. “I started doing these little comic books in the fourth grade”, he told the Times, but he quickly realized he had no talent for illustration; “I was terrible,” he said. “I had no choice but to be a writer.”

“Man-Thing” was first introduced by Marvel Comics in 1971’s Savage Tales #1 as a slow-moving creature in the Florida Everglades. Though he was once human and possesses super-human abilities, “Man-Thing” cannot communicate. R.L. Stine plans to change that for his series and states that, “he can talk and he’s very sarcastic” in his version.

Marvel has said that issue number one will be released in March of 2017.

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