Legendary Entertainment To Adapt Bigfoot Horror Book ‘Devolution’

by Thomas Tuna

The mystery and horror of Bigfoot is on its way to the Silver Screen, courtesy of a Legendary Entertainment adaptation of the latest book from Max Brooks of World War Z fame.

The Hollywood Reporter said the recently released novel–Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre–is the author’s impression of the legend of Bigfoot, told from the viewpoint of journal entries and scientific investigations.

Interestingly, Brooks approached Legendary almost a decade ago with a plan to develop his Bigfoot scenario into a film–working along with Jack Bender and David Leslie Johnson–but the idea never caught fire. So, Brooks decided to turn it into a book, which just hit shelves June 16. And the Del Rey novel has so far been received warmly by critics and readers alike.

So, now the project has come full circle, with Legendary picking up the movie rights to the book, which has been described as “part survival narrative, part bloody horror tale and part scientific journey” info the fantastic world of the mysterious man-creature known as Bigfoot.

In the book, the New York Times best-selling author–the son of entertainment icons Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft–takes a close look at the story of the Greenloop massacre through the journals of Kate Holland, a Mount Rainier resident. Brooks combines Holland’s notes with his own investigations to delve into the eerie stories surrounding Bigfoot.

The upshot of the efforts is that–if Holland’s accounts are to be believed–the creature of myth may, in fact, actually exist.

Hollywood has, of course, broached the Bigfoot issue before with mixed results. For every quality film like 2013’s Willow Creek, there have several low-budget B-movies. So, Legendary apparently is looking to fill the Sasquatch void with this movie.

In these early stages of planning, no director or screenwriters have been named, so keep reading Horror News Network for all updates on the production schedule for this film adaptation of Devolution.


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