‘Legend Of The Hillbilly Butcher’ DVD Coming To DVD On September 23rd

by CTbrthrhd



Allen East, S.E. Feinberg, Ron Jason, Theresa Holly, Doreen Barnes


Far away from the civilized world, in the deep isolation of the lonely backwoods, Carl Henry Jessup spends his days in twisted contemplation and hazy reverie of the good old days. His contempt for outsiders keeps him close to his hillbilly family home. Carrying on the family business, Carl keeps an eye out for Grade A meat. He can spot the tastiest trespassers from fifty yards away. Fat men and pretty gals are his preference and he insists on a healthy serving of spicy blood gravy ladled over his dinner plate. Carl’s mama and papa met with gruesome untimely deaths. His love and devotion for his mama and papa leaves him yearning for their return from the grave. In a pact with the demon, Sam Bakoo, Carl offers his soul in exchange for the full-fledged reanimation of his parents’ rotting corpses. The evil presence of Sam Bakoo drives Carl deeper into a whirlpool of torture, slaughter, vengeance, and delirium. His spirit guide, the angelic, Lil’ Jessie warns him that his bloodline is cursed and that Sam Bakoo is not to be tangled with. But it’s too late for beleaguered hillbilly. His life turns sour and he becomes a tired and vicious shell of a man. The only remaining, faithful and loving presence in his pitiful existence is Rae Lynn who sees something good in her half brother. While Carl’s out doing his dirty deeds, Rae Lynn comes to his house looking for him. When she enters an unfamiliar back room, she discovers Carl’s secret house of horrors. He returns home to find Rae Lynn in his private domain. The depravity she witnesses makes her just another liability. Rae Lynn must escape and fight for her life. Carl is faced with his comeuppance as Sam Bakoo comes to collect his debt. This trippy horror film combines the quiet, forbidding atmosphere that could have been conjured up by a hillbilly David Lynch with an eerie Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe.



DVD: http://amzn.com/B00KLF5QW6

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