Lee Cronin Discusses Possible Bruce Campbell Return As Ash

by Thomas Tuna

Can you go home again?

Horror icon Bruce Campbell–who has embodied the Ash Williams character throughout most of the Evil Dead franchise–served as executive producer for the latest entry, Evil Dead Rise, but would he ever return to a starring role in future installments?

Evil Dead Rise writer/director Lee Cronin recently was asked that question during an interview with Screen Rant, and his answer was understandably vague. “When you have a man as robust as Bruce Campbell,” Cronin said, “and he has created an iconic character like Ash, there’s no pushing him around.”

So, the filmmaker concluded, “if Ash ever resurfaces, that’s going to be down to Bruce more than anybody else. I can’t speak for him, but it’s always possible in the movie world for something unexpected to happen.”

The character of Ashley Joanna “Ash” Williams–dreamed up by Sam Raimi for the original 1981 The Evil Dead film–was chosen by Empire in 2013 as the greatest horror movie character ever.

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