Latest Details on Horror Ensemble Film ‘William Froste’

by Lynn Sorel

We have the latest news on the upcoming   William Froste, from    Vision Films     and    Absinthe Productions. The film will feature veterans from more than a dozen iconic horror films and is being described as      “The Expendables of Horror.”    You can view the full press release below.



Los Angeles, CA – Over in beautiful Palm Springs and Los Angeles something dark is stirring. The dream of an “ultimate” horror film is taking flight. Vision Films has linked a deal with Absinthe Productions for the highly anticipated horror film “William Froste”, which will feature the largest ensemble horror cast ever to grace the silver screen. With horror veterans from iconic horror films and franchises including “Friday the 13th,” “Halloween,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Child’s Play,” “Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Cabin Fever,” “Insidious,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Sleepaway Camp,” “Sharknado,” “Paranormal Activity,” “The Devils Rejects,” “Night of the Living Dead,” “Pet Semetary,” “Hostel,” “The Hills Have Eyes,” and more, fans are guaranteed to see something very special.

William Froste” is set in the rural backwoods town of Willow Creek, a town made up of familiar faces from past horror films. It’s a place where previous horror villains now become victims, victims become villains, past heroines no longer survive and the dead come back to help save the living.

The film is already being described as “The Expendables of Horror” and while Absinthe Productions is busy building sets, Vision Films has already began making domestic and international pre-sales.

“William Froste” is a female directed film, from filmmaker Natalie Bible and producer Brieanna Steele. Natalie Bible says: “We are excited to be working with Vision Films on this extraordinary horror film. Every iconic actor has been strategically cast in the roles they are playing and are substantially important to the films plot. These are not cameos. They are all lead and supporting roles. Using these iconic faces of horror, we invite you to meet the new characters they will play and the old baggage they carry.”

During production, television Docu-series “Behind the Frosted Glass” will be created to take fans behind the scenes into the world of William Froste and beyond. Experience exclusive interviews as “franchises” interview “franchises”, take an extended tour of Willow Creek with some of the towns creepiest tour guides, enjoy a meal with 3 generations of Michael Meyers at the “Killers Korner”, kick back with a glass of  “Crystal  Lake Wine” at “Heroine Happy Hour”  with horrors favorite heroines, and take an underground stroll through Willow Creek Mortuary with the most iconic victims in horror history. And that’s just the first episode.

Episodes of the Docu-Series will be aired each week leading up to the release of the film.


Full Cast list:


Tyler Mane as “Anthony Bettis Sr.” (Halloween, XMEN)

Bill Moseley as “Scott Stevens” (The Devils Rejects, Texas Chainsaw 2)

Kane Hodder as “J. Michaels” (Friday the 13 tth Franchise, Hatchet)

Lew Temple as “William Froste” (The Walking Dead, Halloween)

Michael Berryman as “Big Bob Rogers” (Hills Have Eyes, Penny Dreadful)

Muse Watson as “Francis Bettis” (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Daeg Faerch as “Eli Black” (Halloween, Hancock)

Steve Railsback as “Robert Froste” (Helter Skleter, Lifeforce)

Leslie Easterbrook as “Louise Bettis” (The Devils Rejects, Halloween)

Miko Hughes as “Brian Bernett” (Pet Sematary, New Nightmare)

Jillian Murray as “Chloe Elms” (Cabin Fever: Patient Zero)

P.J. Soles as “Polly Black” (Halloween, Carrie, The Devils Rejects)

Jordan Ladd as “Ms. Dawson” (Cabin Fever, Hostel II, Grindhouse)

Amanda Wyss as “Nurse Christina Foster” (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Tony Moran as “Marlow Sutter” (Halloween)

Adrienne King as “Jackie Winters” (Friday the 13 th )

Felissa Rose as “Regina Hardy” (Sleepaway Camp)

Kristina Klebe as “Ryan Dixon” (Halloween, Tales of Halloween)

Rodney Eastman as “Phillip Ciarelli” (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4)

Mark Patton as “JD Walsh” (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2)

John Dugan as “Sheriff Lew Cotton” (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Lisa Wilcox as “Nurse Boise” (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5)

Alex Vincent as “Deputy Andrews” (Childs Play Franchise)

Preston Bailey as “Nicholas Bettis” (Dexter, The Crazies)

Garrett Ryan as “Erik Thompson” (Insidious 2, 3)

Tiffany Shepis as “Mrs. Neil” (Sharknado Franchise)

Jonathan Tiersten as “Rick” (Sleepaway Camp)

Robert LaSardo as “Veto Saldana” (Wishmaster 2, The Human Centipede 3)

Maria Olsen as “K-9 Officer Woods” (Paranormal Activity 3)

Emily O’Brien as “Evelyn Froste” (Pernicious)

Landon Gimenez as “Young William Froste” (ABC’s Resurrection)

Kellen Michael as “Lil Bobby” (Showtimes “Shameless”, South Park)

Renae Geerlings as “Marsha Patterson” (Halloween 2, Compound Fracture)

Tommy O’Reilly as “Steve Wilson” (Windsor Drive)

Brieanna Steele as “Susan Bettis” (Windsor Drive)

Mickey Faerch as “Mrs.Rogers” (American Horror Story)


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