Kwame Antwi’s APOCALYPTIC PLAYGROUND Brings Your Dystopian Cosplay Dreams to Life

by Lynn Sorel

Artist Kwame Antwi is a highly experienced 3D modeler, who has professionally printed for ESPN for the past two years. His work has aired on national and international television.  Now, he has formed his own company, aptly called ‘My Apocalyptic Playground,’ and is currently in the process printing and modeling his own designs based on various sci-fi, dystopian and comic book themes. Examples of his newest pieces include an amazing  replica of the Immortan Joe Mask used in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’ Many of the designs feature incredible battery powered light effects, creating truly top of the line costume pieces.

Antwi is specializing in custom made costume pieces for cosplayers. The future of cosplay is in the hands of 3D print artists like Antwi, who can bring the idea of designing your costumes to a whole new level. He can create just about anything you can imagine out of plastic. The result is a finely detailed, hand painted, highly realistic piece that is uniquely your own. Whether you want to win that Halloween  contest, or spend your days at Comic Cons, Antwi’s work is for anyone who wants that perfect costume. 

Antwi is also in the process of filming various Youtube videos, which he will release in the coming weeks, and will follow the development of some of his latest designs. Most of the works featured below are currently up for sale on his Etsy shop




We look forward to seeing more of his work in the future. You can keep up with Antwi via the links below.

His Youtube channel is user name: simplykwamify


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