Kill of the Week – CTHorrorFest – Special Guest Edition – Kevin Van Hentenryck


With Connecticut HorrorFest almost upon us, we continue to feature some of our special guests and some of their most memorable on-screen kills.  This week we feature Kevin Van Hentenryck, who played Duane Bradley in the cult-classics Basket Case (1982)


The Plot: Duane arrives in NYC carrying what appears to be simple basket.  We soon discover that it hold his horribly disfigured Siamese twin brother Belial.  The two are on a quest to exact revenge on the medial staff that forcibly separated them years earlier.


The Kill:  Duane has befriended nurse Sharon.  In a fit of frustrated rage, Belial attacks her With Duane unable to stop his brother she is killed in a very violent manner.




Meet Kevin Van Hentenryck at Connecticut HorrorFest on Saturday August, 27th at the Matrix Conference Center in Danbury, CT.

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