Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Still

by Rob Caprilozzi

We received word on a Kickstarter campaign call Still. The film is a psychological thriller/horror film about a character with an extremely rare neurological condition called “Akinetopsia.”



Below are the official details of the movie with a link to Kickstarter:


Still is the story of a young woman named Alice, who lives with her cousin and his girlfriend in Chicago. Alice finds a great new job, but one night she goes back into the office with a coworker and the two women are attacked, having seemingly stumbled upon a robbery in progress.


Alice is hospitalized, and when she wakes she discovers that she has an extraordinarily rare condition: akinetopsia, or “motion blindness.” The part of her brain that processes motion has been damaged, even though the rest of her senses function normally. In addition to the difficulty of adjusting to life with a new kind of perception, Alice has to deal with threats both internal (strange dreams) and external (a strange figure following her). Why is she having these nightmares? Will she remember what really happened in the office the night of the attack? Who is following her, and why?


Still will draw heavily from some of our favorite female-centered psychological horror films of the 1970s (such as Season of the Witch, Let’s Scare Jessica to Death, Neither the Sea Nor the Sand, etc.) and focus on character first and foremost. The look of the film will borrow everything from 1970s giallo to film noir and the grainy 16mm low-budget American genre (and/or French New Wave) films of the 1960s to the latest high-resolution digital photography.

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