Kickstarter campaign Launched for Neural Break

by Rob Caprilozzi

New indie developer RIP Studios announced the opening of a Kickstarter campaign for Neural Break, a game with a unique approach on the online survival horror genre. The official Kickstarter with a goal of $15,000 has gone live until April 13, 4:18am EDT.

“We are going to create the online survival horror game people have been looking forward to. The Kickstarter is to help us license Unigine, the only game engine we think is capable of getting us to where we need to be in order to provide the experience we want to provide,” said William Brun, the Project Director for Neural Break.

Neural Break will feature a large 100 square kilometer open world modeled at a 1:1 scale after real world references, with plans to expand the initial world after launch. There will also be a goal/objective based PVP area separate from the open world for players to participate in a really unique PVP/PVE experience a team of players try to complete objectives while facing the hordes of infected and an opposing team of players.

For more information you may visit or the kickstarter page at

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