Kickstarter Campaign Launched for ‘Cat Sick Blues’ – Trailer Inside

by Rob Caprilozzi

A man whose obsessive love for his cat leads to a killing spree will be the focus of a new indie horror feature film from an award-winning Australian team. 


Cat Sick Blues is the story of Ted and his cat Patrick. When Patrick dies, Ted’s broken brain prompts him to bring his feline friend back – all he needs is nine human lives. So Ted dons a cat mask and vicious claws and embarks on a rampage.


This ridiculous blood-drenched tale of a cat-lover-turned-psychopath is from the twisted minds of director Dave Jackson, writer Andrew Gallacher and producer/star Matthew C. Vaughan.


In 2012, an award-winning short film version of Cat Sick Blues premiered at Fantasia International Film Festival. It played at top genre festivals across the globe, winning Jury Prize for Best Short Film at Spain’s Freakmacine festival.


The feature film goes into production in November and the team has launched a Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to help them over the line.  


Jackson said, “We all know the grief of losing a pet. But would we slaughter nine people and drain their blood to bring that pet back to life? Ted would.”


“Cat Sick Blues will be brutal and nightmarish, full of visceral effects and devoid of CGI gore. The film also contains a giant horned cat phallus.”


The team is well-schooled in genre filmmaking, having made successful content for film and TV. Jackson is also lead contributor for popular exploitation film website, Mondo Exploito. 


You can support the film’s Kickstarter here:

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