Kickstarter Campaign Launched for ’40 Zombies’

by Rob Caprilozzi

Pixel Dilemma has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their  upcoming title “40 Zombies” – a grindhouse style of retro game inspired by films of  the 70’s and games of the 80’s.


Pixel Dilemma hopes to launch a line of grindhouse games which pay homage to an  era of film where the music didn’t fit, the chicks were in abundance, and blood was  splattering on every frame. 40 Zombies is the first title, but P.D. will need a successful  Kickstarter campaign for that (and other) games to be created.


Pixel Dilemma is trying to raise $1,800 to bring 40 Zombies to Xbox One, Playstation  4, PC, Mac, and handheld versions down the road (iOS, Android, Vita). The funding  would be used to purchase the hardware, software, and licenses necessary to be able  to release the game across a multitude of platforms.


In 40 Zombies you play as “Bad Ass Jimmy The Slob”, an everyman who’s block has  been taken over by zombies. Just as soon as Jimmy is out of beer and the football  game is over he jumps out of his recliner, grabs his shotgun, and hits the streets to  save the chicks from the zombie horde.


40Z features fast-paced strategic gameplay. It’s a pure survival horror adventure  where nothing respawns, so you’re very limited on your resources. Check out the  Kickstarter campaign (at the URL below) to see the game in action:


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