Kickstarter campaign for Zombocalypse

Ironzilla, an independent video game startup based in San Francisco, CA, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of their first mobile game, Zombocalypse. The game involves frantic arcade style action amidst the zombie apocalypse and offers players a deep rewards system for leveling up their zombie killer, all enhanced and optimized for the iPhone and iPad. "Zombocalypse was originally a small Flash game I created last year, and since then has received over 6 million plays," says John Funtanilla, a student at SFSU and the founder of Ironzilla. "The feedback was overwhelmingly supportive, so we decided to give gamers more of what they already loved." The revamped title will boast new and fluid graphics, an original soundtrack, skills and perks, a deep reward system, various kill combos, character customizations, and different areas each with new challenges and modes. Ironzilla had spent the last several months searching for a team capable of bringing the ambitious zombie game to life. After emailing dozens of developers and even entertaining the idea of outsourcing the game to another studio, they luckily managed to assemble a team of industry veterans hailing from companies such as Sony, Microsoft, EA, and 2K Games. "I've always been the persistent type," John chuckled. "I always say if you fully believe in something and you're passionate about it, then go get it. Even if you have to email the whole world to do it." 

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