Julia Walter talks ‘Job Interview’

by Rob Caprilozzi

“Job Interview” is a very suspenseful psychological thriller/short-film written and directed by Julia Walter. The film is currently on the festival circuit and has claimed such awards as “Best Director,” “Best Short Film,” and “Audience Choice.” Walter is currently a student at University of Television and Film Munich, Germany, and if she is making short films with this much acclaim already she will definitely be a forced to be reckoned with in the future. Stephanie Shamblin Gray caught up with Walter to ask her about the film.

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: Can you tell us a little about your short-film “Job Interview?”

Julia Walter: JOB INTERVIEW is a psychological thriller about two ladies in a room doing a job interview that soon gets very creepy. It’s my second film at University of Television and Film Munich, Germany and was screened at numerous festivals world-wide winning awards in the US, India, and Germany.

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: What inspired you to make the film?

Julia Walter: We were to shoot a scene at the end of a film school seminar with the docent and director Miroslav Mandic called “Working with Actors”. When I was trying to come up with a story, it occurred to me that the brand new building my film school is located in is pretty inspiring actually. Concrete walls, no cellphone reception, keycard-locked doors… So I was thinking: Wouldn’t it be cool to create a story of two people in an office building doing a job interview which is just not what it seems to be…

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: Can you give us some details about making the film? (Casting your amazing actresses, time spent filming, any interesting stories while making it.)

Julia Walter: Part of the seminar was to get us to cast several actors and actresses to basically learn one big lesson: Doing a casting is not about testing people if they can act. It’s about making the perfect choice of who to cast because it will shape your film immensely. So I did and had a look at several really great actresses. One of the women I wanted to see was out in the countryside and only called back when the casting sessions were over. I didn’t have an acting partner left for her and we were like: “Oh, too bad it didn’t work out this time… Maybe at another project…” We hang up – but not a minute later she called me again: “What if I bring my own acting partner?”, she asked. I obviously couldn’t say no to this so she brought a friend along and I was stunned. They played the scene exactly how I imagined it to be. It was perfect. So casting was done at this point. Stefanie von Poser (the applicant Lisa) as well as her friend Sinikka Schubert (the boss Marie) won awards and were nominated several times for their great performances in JOB INTERVIEW.

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: The film is doing fantastic on the festival circuit right now and has won awards such as “Best Director,” “Best Short Film,” and “Audience Choice!” Can you tell us about how that experience has been for you?

Julia Walter: I certainly did not expect that this film that started out as an exercise in an acting seminar would grow that big. We’ve been to quite a few festivals including PALM SPRINGS SHORT FEST, COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL, LA SHORTS FEST. Several other festivals like DC Shorts, Temecula Valley Film Festival are still to come in the next few months! I feel so blessed that people tend to like this film so much. Of course it’s great to win awards but the best thing is to meet all those wonderful people while you travel places you’ve never been before. This is the first year ever I traveled to the U.S. and I definitely love it. I made so many new friends and I’m grateful they are now part of my life.

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: What’s next for you?

Julia Walter: My new short film comedy GARDEN F(R)IEND just premiered this summer (www.gartenfeind.de). Together with my producer Jakob Vogt from Rovolution Film (www.rovolution-film.com) I am developing a couple of feature film scripts which is a lot of fun because I love writing and creating new stories and characters with him. In October I’ve been invited to be a participant of the prestigious ZFF Master Class in Switzerland and I’m really looking forward to this. Afterwards, the new semester of film school starts because I still have two years left till I get my diploma!

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: Thank you for talking to us, Julia, and best of luck to you!

Film Synopsis: Lisa’s excitement over her potential new job quickly dissipates when interviewer Marie begins asking her a series of increasingly bizarre and pointed questions.



For more information: http://jobinterview.rovolution.tv

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