Josh Gates Kicks Off ‘Shark Week’ with ‘Expedition Unknown: Megalodon’

Josh Gates is a man well-known for his intuition, investigative prowess, and sense of humor, and he will need all of these attributes when he dives into the deep waters in search of the real facts behind the prehistoric monster known as Megalodon.

Gates will inaugurate the Discovery Channel’s 31st annual summer event on Sunday, July 28 at 8:00 p.m. with his new special, Expedition Unknown: Megalodon.  The special edition of Gates hit program will examine what ever became of the giant sharks by travelling to Mexico and South Africa in search of fossilized Megalodon teeth, and, as usual, Josh will don his wet suit and dive into shark-infested waters to unravel one of the ocean’s greatest mysteries.

Expedition Unknown: Megalodon also acts as an unofficial start to the brand new season of Expedition Unknown, which begins in earnest on August 7.  This season will take Gates‘ “…search for answers – and adventure – will take him into the most extreme climates on the planet, as he braves sub-zero temperatures to snowmobile across the Siberian Tundra investigating one of the coldest cases of the Cold War: the baffling deaths of nine hikers on Russia’s infamous Dead Mountain. Josh also takes on the scorching heat of the Negev Desert as he descends into newly discovered caves and tunnels that could hold the next Dead Sea Scrolls. In addition, Gates dives into the waters of Panama and the mysteries of Sir Frances Drake’s lost fortune.”

Gates will also revisit some of his Destination Unknown territory (most likely in time for a Halloween episode) by “bushwhacking into the rainforest of Puerto Rico…to explain the infamous cryptid, the Chupacabra.”

The rest of the Shark Week 2019 schedule includes the following new programs:

Sunday, July 28

8 p.m. Expedition Unknown: Megalodon

9 p.m. Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum.

Monday, July 29

8 p.m. Sharks of the Badlands

9 p.m. Legend of Deep Blue

10 p.m. The Sharks of Headstone Hell

Tuesday, July 30

8 p.m. Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing

9 p.m. Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Waters

10 p.m. Air Jaws Strikes Back

Wednesday, July 31

8 p.m. Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark

9 p.m. Capsized: Blood in the Water

Thursday, Aug. 1

8 p.m. Return to Shark Island

9 p.m. Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe

10 p.m. Monster Mako: Perfect Predator

Friday, Aug. 2

8 p.m. Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers

9 p.m. Andrew Mayne: Ghost Driver

10 p.m. I Was Prey: Shark Week

Saturday, Aug. 3

8 p.m. Sharks Gone Wild 2

9 p.m. Shark Week Immersion

Sunday, Aug. 4

All day: Best of 2019 Shark Week (repeats/marathon)

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Nick Banks
Nick Banks
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