Josh Boone Brings Horror to the New Mutants

by Rob Caprilozzi

Much to the delight of horror comic fans, director Josh Boone revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the iconic Marvel title The New Mutants will brought to the big screen as a horror film. This is an interesting path to take as Marvel has had unmatched success with superhero genre films.

Maisie Williams, who plays the youthful Arya Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones will play the popular werewolf character, Wolfsbane. Anya Taylor-Joy who is known for The Witch and Split will play the sorceress, Magik.

Boone is eyeing July for a potential production start date.

The New Mutants first debuted in Marvel Graphic Novel #4 in December 1982. The team of young mutants consisted of Cannonball, Karma, Mirage, Sunspot and Wolfsbane.

We will continue to bring you up to the minute coverage on The New Mutants as soon as news breaks.

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