Jordan Peele’s Get Out Continues to Impress at the Box Office

by Nick Banks

Although Logan easily beat out all competition at the box office with a $85 million dollar debut due to stellar reviews and Hugh Jackman’s farewell performance as everyone’s favorite Canadian mutant, Get Out continued to rack up impressive box office numbers in second place.

Get Out made $28 million at the box office this weekend, bringing the film’s total to a robust $78 million dollars.  Aside from its profitable debut last weekend ($33 million), the film also performed very well over the week, taking in an average of $4 million from Monday to Thursday.

Most impressively, Get Out’s box office dropped only 15.4% in its second weekend, a number that is unheard of for mainstream films, and almost impossible for horror films to achieve.  Studios expect horror films to drop anywhere from 60-70% after their initial weekend, as horror films are usually front-loaded, meaning they attract a large audience on opening weekend and then quickly disappear from theaters.  In comparison, Split (which also defied studio expectations) dropped 35.9%, a decline that any studio would boast about.

Will Get Out beat Split as the domestic horror box office champ?  It’s possible, but Get Out faces much stiffer competition in coming weeks in the form of King Kong: Skull Island, The Belko Experiment, and Ghost in the Shell.  Speaking of The Belko Experiment, it will be interesting to see if Get Out impacts their box office returns in the same way that Split derailed any chance of A Cure for Wellness doing well at the box office (although A Cure for Wellness certainly did a fine job of turning away viewers on their own merits).

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