Jordan Peele Wants To Make “Scariest Podcast Of All Time”

by Rob Caprilozzi

What does horror sound like?

Jordan Peele–fresh off his latest big-screen genre hit Nope–is turning to podcasts to spread his unique brand of horror, according to a report in Variety.

The filmmaker’s first audio-only series–Quiet Part Loud–is scheduled to hit Spotify next Tuesday, Nov. 15. The show–produced by Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions–consists of 12 short-form episodes that will be available for listening all at once.

Quiet Part Loud--directed by Mimi O’Donnell from scripts by Mac Rogers and Clay McLeod Chapman–follows Rick Egan (Tracy Letts), a fear-mongering radio host who loses his platform in the wake of 9/11 for spreading rumors about a group of missing Muslim teenagers.

Eight years later, Egan is slumming it on the convention circuit when a mysterious woman (Christina Hendricks) offers a revelation: One of the missing teens has turned up. And so Egan, looking for redemption, makes “a Faustian bargain with a demonic, shape-shifting sound monster known as The Blank (Taran Killam), which thrives on hatred.”

In explaining this new venture, Peel said he is “always looking for new ways to explore and innovate in genre storytelling. The potential in audio was appealing. By stripping horror of its visuals, you can focus on conjuring dread and unease on this intimate and visceral level. I wanted us to make the scariest podcast of all time.”

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