Jonathan Dennison Discusses Cadabra Records

by Christine Caprilozzi

If you are a devoted horror fan and collector out there, you have most likely have heard of Cadabra Records.  The label was created by New York hardcore legend Jonathan Dennison, who played in hardcore bands The Promise, Another Victim, Path of Resistance, and Unholy.  With Cadabra Records, Dennison brings to life the macabre and sometimes more obscure dark-sided classic novels in a spoken word form to vinyl. We recently caught up with man behind Cadabra to discuss his vision and what else horror fans can expect in 2017.

Horror News Network: So, Jonathan, I want to start off by asking about your transition from playing music to sort of a behind the scenes role having created this unique and obviously for horror fans amazing label?

Jonathan Dennison: Thank you!  Cadabra Records is a way for me to still be involved with the record industry with creating something more personal to me in subject matter.  The vinyl record format is a beautiful thing, I treat the production of these records as an art form.

Horror News Network: At what point did you realize you were a huge horror fan?  What was your “gateway moment/ movie” into the world of the macabre?

Jonathan Dennison: This started as a child. I grew up on a Saturday afternoon show, Creature Feature which helped shape my vocabulary of the classic horror film. I also was lucky enough to grow up when John Carpenter’s The Thing and Creepshow premiered at the Drive-in.  This doesn’t even start with my list of horror fiction, comics and art.

Horror News Network: Cadabra Records has put out some really impressive classic titles including, Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. How do you decide on which story to bring to life?

Jonathan Dennison: The two you mentioned was actually produced by a production company called Bleak December Inc.  In general, with Cadabra Records productions, I choose stories that will translate well in the audio form.  I also choose stories that deserve attention in the weird/ horror genre.  There’s much more to come.


Horror News Network: Recently, for Dracula, you worked with the legendary Tony Todd. Wat I the process like for seeing what “voice” would be best for the story?

Jonathan Dennison: The right voice is essential to fit the tone of the story. The narrator has to sound believable, confident, and now how to make the story move.

Horror News Network: Cadabra’s most recent release is Robert Chamber’s The Yellow Sign, which is also be scored by Maurizio Guarini, who you have worked with before (yes, folks from the iconic Goblin). Can you tell us about what horror fans can expect from this next release?

Jonathan Dennison: This is an amazing release!  Any fan of writer Robert W. Chambers will be awe struck at the rich audio production and packaging of this record. Anthony D. P. Mann did an amazing job in narration, and Maurizio Guarini did wonders with the score.  This is a very creepy record and is a must for any serious horror fan.


Horror News Network: What else can horror fans expect from Cadabra in 2017?

Jonathan Dennison: We have a really fun Halloween ahead of us. H. P. Lovecraft’s, The Picture in the House is due on October, Friday the 13th. This record is read by Andrew Leman and is scored by legendary composer Fabio Frizzi.  This is Lovecraft’s story of a cannibal family that pre- dates The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by 50 years, this is a beast of a record.

We also have a Halloween themed 7” coming out called The Hearse Song. This is read by Anthony D. P. Mann and is scored by Slasher Film Festival Strategy and will soon become a Halloween tradition to spin on your turntable.

Horror News Network: Thanks so much for your time Jonathan. The Yellow Sign is out now!



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