John Carpenter’s Not Writing Off ‘Halloween’ Franchise Yet

by Thomas Tuna

Can Michael Myers really die?

John Carpenter–the mastermind behind Halloween (and The Fog, The Thing and so much more horror)–just can’t let go of perhaps his most famous baby.

The acclaimed filmmaker/musician–whose John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams debuts on Peacock tomorrow, Friday the 13th–recently discussed the Halloween film franchise with Did last year’s Halloween Ends truly bring the iconic series to an end?

“Don’t you believe it yet,” Carpenter said. “There’s all sorts of ways of bringing Michael Myers back. There’s all sorts of ways of telling that particular story. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Carpenter–who served as a producer on the most recent David Gordon Green Halloween trilogy–said he “can’t help the new filmmakers” who may want to revive the franchise. “They have so many advantages over what I had when I was the same age. That makes me hate them–but it’s all great.”

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