John Carpenter Talks Potential Sequel to ‘The Fog’

by Mark McCurley

When it comes to filmmakers, none other has made as much an impact on a particular genre as John Carpenter has for Horror. Now the director and composer said a followup to his 1980 film The Fog is currently in talks.

While promoting his new album Lost Themes III: Alive After Death, Carpenter spoke to NME interviewer Will Lavin about sequels to his films, which prompted him to mention a sequel to The Fog in particular.

“Sure. There’s been talk of a sequel to The Fog,” he said. “There’s been talk of sequels for a bunch of my movies. They just haven’t happened yet because of various reasons. But yeah, we’ve talked about them and I’m open to them.”

Although nothing is set in stone, Carpenter has confirmed that a sequel is at least being discussed and would definitely be a better opportunity than the 2005 remake of the film which was panned by critics.

The Fog was released on February 1, 1980 and earned $21.3 million at the domestic box office. It was the second collaboration of Carpenter and legendary Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis following Halloween in 1978.

Would you be excited for a sequel to The Fog? Check back soon for more!

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