John Carpenter On Possible Sequels Of His Classics

by Thomas Tuna

It seems that horror legends don’t like to sit on their laurels.

John Carpenter’s (arguably) greatest legacy has been the ever-growing Halloween franchise–which may (or may not) wrap up this October with Halloween Ends–but what does he think about continuing two of his other genre efforts–The Thing and Prince of Darkness?

When asked during a recent interview with if he might be interested in expanding the worlds of any of his past successes, Carpenter said, “Maybe The Thing. Maybe Prince of Darkness. I can see a little bit more of that.”

Still, the acclaimed filmmaker/composer hedged his bets. “But, we’ll see,” he added. “You never know in this business. You really don’t.”

As for a possible sequel to 1982’s The Thing–which told the story of a group of researchers in Antarctica who encounter an alien who can replicate living things–Carpenter said, “I think there’s another bit of a story to tell there–which I’m not going to tell you about.”

But, he added, there have been discussions about a sequel to The Thing because “as far as we know, both of the main characters–Childs (Keith David) and MacReady (Kurt Russell)–are still alive. They were alive at the end of The Thing, so maybe they’re still alive.”

Similarly, 1987’s Prince of Darkness–written and directed by Carpenterdeals with researchers who are monitoring a cylinder of a mystery liquid, which they come to discover is the embodiment of Satan. So, is there a follow-up story to be told there?

“It really wasn’t a movie that had a resolution,” Carpenter said. “And the subject matter–you can go any direction you want to.” The storyline, he said, is that “the Creator of the universe is evil. So, it could be just a whole lot of fun. Plus, I secretly love that movie.”

With all those question marks hanging in the air, keep reading Horror News Network for the latest from the fertile imagination of John Carpenter.


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