John Carpenter Horror Audio Shows Debut This Autumn

by Thomas Tuna

Horror legend John Carpenter has thrilled (and frightened) audiences for decades with his films and music, and now he is branching out in a fresh, new direction: audio shows.

Carpenter and his wife Sandy have partnered with audio entertainment provider Realm to produce a series of three podcasts, according to These audio shows will debut later this year and continue into 2022.

“Horror is a universal language that works across so many mediums,” Carpenter said in a statement, adding that this project offers “a new way to strike fear into the hearts of our audience. Harkening back to spooky tales told around the fire, we can’t wait to get these stories out into the world.”

The first audio show–Roanoke Falls–will premiere in October. The show is described as “an atmospheric thriller about the fear of the unknown, the dangers of superstition and the depths of desperation.” A woman investigates a string of murders in the second Roanoke settlement, “leading her to a serial killer from the original voyage who waits in the woods.”

Angel to Some–set for a December debut–follows a chronically ill Catholic student who calls on a guardian angel for protection–“but the angel who shows up wants her dead.”

Furnace–which doesn’t have a release date as of this writing–tells the story of a techie and his friends who want to start a utopia called The Furnace by rebuilding a dilapidated town using 3-D printers–“only to discover they’ve printed structures made of AI biotech and have trapped themselves in a city that wants to kill them.”

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