Joel Kinnaman talks Robocop with MTV

by Rob Caprilozzi


MTV News spoke with Joel Kinnaman, about the future half-man-half-cop-robot shared a few intriguing facts about the José Padilha-directed reboot. "I'm super stoked," Kinnaman said. "Especially with this director. José Padilha is a badass. He’s the real deal." Kinnaman revealed that the film will be more grounded in reality, partly due to the fact that Padilha's father was a scientist, which had a big influence on the director. "There's a lot of neuroscience now raising the question, 'Is all the intelligence in the human body in the brain?' and they’re finding out that, no, it’s not like that," Kinnaman said. "The body has intelligence itself, and we’re much more of an organic creature in that way. It's not a control tower that does everything."

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