Joe Michael Straczynski to write The Majestic Files

by Rob Caprilozzi

Joe Michael Straczynski has an all-new project and he will be writing it for Legendary Comics. That announcement was made when Straczynski thrilled the crowd with a surprise appearance at the Legendary Comics panel on Thursday afternoon at Comic-Con International 2012. The esteemed creator announced that he will be writing THE MAJESTIC FILES, a fast-paced story that looks at the events of the Roswell crash from an entirely new perspective – inside-out rather than outside-in. Straczynski used the occasion to reveal the first details about the previously unannounced project, which unravels what really happened at Roswell on July 8, 1947 by using real-life experts from the world of politics, science and the military to construct a step-by-step recreation detailing what might have happened, and then using that as the basis for a fast-paced story.

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