Joe Hill’s Snapshot 1988 Finds a Home at Universal

by Nick Banks

The Hollywood Reporter just confirmed that Joe Hill’s horror novela “Snapshot 1988” has been acquired by Universal Pictures.  If the story doesn’t sound  familiar to Joe Hill fans, it is because the story has not been released yet.  “Snapshot 1988” is one of four stories that will be published as a collection in the Spring of 2018.

Why did this story generate so much buzz in Hollywood?  The Hollywood Reporter speculates that it is based on “the Stranger Things ripple effect”.   It is certainly unusual for an unpublished property to be fast-tracked in this way, and it may have to do with the subject matter.  The story focuses on ” … a 13-year old boy who ends up taking care of his elderly former housekeeper whom he thinks is succumbing to dementia. What he doesn’t know is that her memories are not being lost but stolen by an evil man named The Phoenician who uses a camera that steals memories.”

Hill’s track record with adaptations has not been as successful as his publishing career so far.  Horns (based on Hill’s novel and starring Daniel Radcliffe) made under $4 million world wide and Hill’s award winning comic series Locke and Key has been in development Hell.  Stay tuned to Horror News Network for updates on this project, as well as Hill’s other properties.


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