Joe Bob Briggs Headed To Shudder To “Ruin” Christmas

by Thomas Tuna

Hide Rudolph. Keep an eye on Frosty. Make sure the elves are safe.

Shudder will present Joe Bob Ruins Christmas next month, and who knows what horror features the decidedly different host and Darcy the Mail Girl will spring on us this holiday season. Check out the tweet on this page, courtesy of, to eyeball what’s in store for fans this year.

On this fourth Shudder Christmas special for Joe Bob, expect an auction, a telethon and “the kind of genre-bending movie choices that are guaranteed to make you say, ‘Huh! What? Explain that one again’.” This “major distortion of what Christmas is all about” will air Dec. 17 at 9 p.m. (ET).

Last year saw Joe Bob Saves Christmas (he must want to make up for that this season), with screenings of Dial Code Santa Claus and Christmas Evil. It’s anyone’s guess what he has on his Yuletide menu this time around

The Last DriveIn with Joe Bob Briggs began in 2018 as a one-time, 13-movie marathon (intended to serve as a curtain call for Briggs, who hosted B-movies in the ’80s and ’90s), but it proved so successful that Shudder kept bringing him back. The fourth season of the popular show will debut sometime next year.

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