Jesse Eisenberg To Star In Upcoming Sasquatch Film

by Thomas Tuna

Now this is truly a special Bigfoot sighting.

Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg has signed on to play a Sasquatch (you read that correctly) in his next film–a feature directed by the Zellner Brothers, according to a report in Variety.

David and Nathan Zellner–independent filmmakers with a reputation for being “quirky”–are planning a Bigfoot movie, and Eisenberg–known for his standout roles in The Village, Zombieland, The Social Network and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice–will don the hairy suit for the unusual part.

“The next film I’m doing is for the Zellner Brothers,” Eisenberg told Variety. “They’e these brilliant directors who I’ve wanted to work with for a long time–and I’m playing a Sasquatch. In full makeup–in fully body hair. No lines–I grunt, but no lines–and I’m so looking forward to this.”

No further details on this bizarre project have been revealed, but the Zellners actually have some background with Bigfoot. Back in 2010, the brothers released Sasquatch Birth Journal 2, a short film that showed a Sasquatch giving birth and then bathing in a nearby body of water. The short was even nominated for the Sundance Short Filmmaking Award in 2011.

So, considering that this falls into the “too-weird-to-be-true” category, keep reading Horror News Network for the next update on the Zellners, Jesse Eisenberg and Bigfoot.


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