Jeremy Slater, Showrunner of The Exorcist, Provides Brief Update on Status of Season Two

by John Evans

Things have been awfully quiet since Season One of Fox’s The Exorcist concluded. Fans and critics who fell in love with the series over the course of its first ten episodes have been waiting with baited breath for any news about whether showrunner Jeremy Slater will be given a second season to continue his masterful work on the series. While nothing is set in stone, Slater recently revealed a brief sign of hope.

In response to a fan mistakenly mourning the cancellation of the series, Slater responded with the tweet below:

Hearing that Slater feels optimistic will surely help The Exorcist fans to feel a little better during this long, cold period of silence. In December, Slater shared that his plans for Season Two would be to introduce a new family and to follow the heroic priests we fell in love with in Season One as they continue to combat evil. Fans of the Rance family will be happy to hear that we might still check in on them too; they’ve just been through enough to once again be the center of extreme supernatural happenings.

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