Jeremy Renner Will Play Detective Twitch Williams in New ‘Spawn’ Film

by Nick Banks

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn film is shaping up to be a lot more promising than initially expected, as it was announced today by Deadline that Jeremy Renner has been cast as Detective Twitch Williams, alongside Jamie Foxx as the title character in the upcoming film.

McFarlane told Deadline that he “… wanted to surround (him)self with the most talent and the most skilled people I can on all fronts. I was lucky enough to land Jason Blum and then Jamie Foxx, and I knew the person on screen the most is this police officer, Twitch Williams. We needed as strong a person as possible because he will be the face of the film. I took my naïve Hollywood approach again, and said let’s start at the top and work down. Jeremy was at the top. I’m a huge fan of his. The character doesn’t need to be a bodybuilder or GQ handsome. I was looking for somebody who’s a person you’ve met before; I needed someone who can pull off the grief of an average human being. I’ve seen Jeremy do that in more than a few of his movies. He was at the top of my list, just like Jamie.”

McFarlane compared Spawn to “… King Arthur and Twitch is Sir Lancelot, and this isn’t about physicality, or jumping over buildings.  This is more a brawn and brain combination, and the first film I think of with him is The Hurt Locker, the army grunt doing the job, and that spilled out into all these roles leading up to Wind River. There was a sense of melancholy to that character that is important and that was a movie also made by a first time director, but one who wrote the thing and so wasn’t nervous about trying to get what you want. Jeremy had the experience of working with the first timer and saw that if you put a good crew together, the whole is way better than the parts and you don’t have to worry.”

Shockingly, the film does not have a distributor as of yet and McFarlane is hoping to finalize the “…financing on a film that will likely carry a $10 million-$12 million budget, an R rating, and franchise potential.”

Fans of the comic book will remember Twitch and his partner Sam, as they both teamed up to hunt down Spawn in the very first issue of the comic in May of 1992.  The detectives would later form an uneasy alliance with Al Simmons, and the characters became popular enough to warrant their own series in 1999 called Sam and Twitch.  This series is notable as it was some of the first mainstream work by comics legend Brian Michael Bendis, who turned the series into a realistic and gritty crime noir story.

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